Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Friends,

This year was extra tough for the rescue.  Almost Home helped an extraordinary amount of cats that were found in deplorable conditions and seized.  Most of these innocent kitties would have come to an untimely death if Almost Home had not helped.  Most will need continued care for years to come.

Almost Home has been a benefit to the community for over ten years.  Where does the time go?  We know ... the love of cats makes time go fast.  Lots and lots of love, networking and an endless commitment from our caregivers, volunteers and people like you.  This love and support has made ALL the following possible:  Rescue, Adoption Center, Hospital, Sanctuary and Hospice Care.  Your support is amazing to us.  Your part is important to us, and we are so very grateful for your gifts and donations.  Thanks ever so much.

Here's to another 10 years and helping another 10,000 kitties!

Kindness to Critters Always,

Kathleen, Director and Founder
Tanessa, Manager

Help us help them by attending the Power of Love fundraiser this Sunday at 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree in Wesminster (easy access off 36 and Sheridan).

Tickets and details at dinner

Friday, March 3, 2014

A few months ago a beautiful senior girl came into our lives at Almost Home. She had been found outside roaming the streets. We named her Sapphire…Sapphy for short. Her awesome golden eyes radiated against her grey fur. During her initial exam we noticed two things. First we noticed she was microchipped, and second, she had a huge tumor in her mouth on her bone. We were excited she had a home and saddened in the same moment about her health.

We called the family that was on her microchip information. They were surprised she was still alive but showed no interest in getting her back. Wow, how could they not want this precious girl? Next we took her to the vet for a more extensive exam. It was confirmed her life was coming to an end. We took Sapphy back to the rescue and showered her with love. We knew it may be the first time in her life that she was pampered in this way. We offered any food she liked, we let her find her spots to snuggle up and sleep, and we listened to her tell us if she was uncomfortable. 
Yesterday, she let us know it was time for her to fly away to a pain free life. Good-byes were said and many tears have been shed. It doesn't matter if we have a kitty for years or days. They all leave huge holes in our hearts. Yes, she was fortunate to be off the streets and loved at Almost Home, but this does not make these times any easier. 

Thank you, Tanessa, Dr. Humphrey and all those who played a part in her final days. All our kitties at Almost Home are deeply loved by Tanessa and me. It takes hours and hours of extra care and donations for our oldsters. It is our honor and pleasure to help these kitties. We can’t do this without you. Thank you.

Good- bye for now, sweet Sapphy. Thank you for coming into our lives.

Monday, December 9, 2013

We have many kitties that are brought to us from terrible situations. This can be very depressing. But just when we are feeling heartbroken, an amazing person will come in to adopt, donate or volunteer, renewing our faith. This happened this past week and is now one of my favorite happy endings!

A couple came to Almost Home a little over a year ago and adopted 2 kittens. The foster mom had named these kitties Duchess and Chaplin. As always, when our furry friends leave Almost Home we truly hope they are going to their forever home. Unfortunately, this was not the case for these two. About six months after their adoption the young gal that had adopted them came in to get a copy of the adoption contract. At that time she told Tanessa she was going through a terrible break up with her ex and he would not let her take the kitties. Sadly, this even involved a restraining order. Her hands were definitely tied. She was devastated. We were very sad that this was happening, both for her and the kitties. We didn’t hear a word until last week when the ex left a message saying he couldn’t keep Duchess and Chaplin. I talked to Tanessa and she remembered when their “momma” came to us. We called him back and told him to bring them in. Tanessa asked him if he would contact his ex, saying she had inquired months before to try to get them from him. He declined to help. These kitties were used for the wrong reason in this separation and the best outcome was overlooked.

After he brought the kitties back to Almost Home, Tanessa tried to reach the young lady that adopted them. The number she called was not the right number for her. The kitties were terrified as most guardian released kitties are. These two would have been killed at most other shelters being labeled “unadoptable." To top it off, Duchess had stopped eating and had a urinary tract infection. She was very hard to medicate, lashing out at anyone that tried to help her. Extremely discouraged, Tanessa decided to try the phone number again. This time it worked!

Tanessa explained the situation and there was complete silence. Then Tanessa heard her crying. This gal never thought she would see her babies again. Although she was ecstatic, she had moved on and found another kitty to love and care for. But this didn't stop her. She knew she wanted to get these kitties back. She needed a day or two to figure it out. One problem was a trip she had planned at Christmas time. That’s when Tanessa stepped up again and offered to help by telling her she would kitty sit for her while she is out of town.

You probably know how this ended by now. The kitties are reunited with this wonderful person that never wanted to be separated in the first place! Tanessa received a text the next day with an update. Duchess and Chaplin are doing great. What a beautiful ending. This gal gets my vote for adopter of the year! Congratulations and may you and your babies have a long, healthy life together! We love you! Thank you, Tanessa, for not giving up and for taking time from your hectic schedule to help these kitties during the Christmas Holidays. We are all so grateful for you!

I would like to remind everyone our biggest fundraiser of the year is tomorrow. It’s Colorado Gives Day! You don’t even have to leave home to help the kitties at Almost Home. Donate on Tuesday, December 10, or set up a prescheduled donation today at
On Colorado Gives Day, the credit card processing fees are covered by Community First Foundation so we receive 100% of your donation. Also, FirstBank's Incentive Fund increases the value of every contribution that we receive. Almost all of our funding comes from the generosity of our supporters. Your support is the only way we can continue caring for all the sick, injured and homeless kitties. Whether you’re a long-term supporter or you have just found us, please remember our kitties during this giving time of the year. No amount is too small; together we can make a difference sharing our blessings!  

Sapphee (short for Sapphire) came to us recently from a kind person that found her wandering around the neighborhood for a few weeks. She is a beautiful gray girl with gorgeous golden eyes.  After her initial intake exam we discovered she is quite old and she has a very large tumor on her jaw. I’m very sad to say it is not treatable. Sapphee will live with us at Almost Home and we will give her the best life we can until the time comes to say good bye.

Brady did very well after his dental. He had all of his teeth pulled. It hurts the kitties to eat when their gums and teeth are bad just like it does us. He has already gained weight. We have several resident kitties that need a surgical dental and we hope to help them all, however a dental is very expensive especially with tooth removals. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every vet in our area would donate a dental?

Several months ago 8 little one-month-old kittens were found outside without their mom. They were all had very hungry and dirty. They also tested positive for FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus. This is a virus closely related to the human HIV. Although it is generally not fatal with a stress-free life, it is a contagious virus. It is best to retest kittens around 5-6 months after the moms antibodies have had a chance to clear from the kittens' systems. We recently re-tested and the great news is the kittens tested negative! Their foster mom Jean and foster dad Joel gave the kittens the best home while waiting for their forever home.  Thank you, thank you!!

To Michelle: wishing you a speedy recovery from your shoulder surgery.

To Jackie and her family: all of us at Almost Home are deeply sorry for your loss. He is resting in the comfort of God’s peace. Many prayers are sent your way.
The new groups of kittens are enjoying the wheel. The adult kitties have a wheel on their Christmas wish list!  Mercy is responding nicely to her allergy shot and her hair is starting to grow back. We can’t keep enough spring toys around for Pearl. She loves them. Wyatt is mingling in the lobby. He is warming up to the other kitties and volunteers. He still has some neurological issues that are affecting his back legs. He may need more time to recover but it also may be permanent damage. I think Fancy Pants has a new boy friend. We see her snuggling with Henry daily. Maggie is doing a little better and is still in foster care. Gracie is amazing and doing well. The fall/winter kitty cold is pretty much over and all the kitties are doing great.

Wishing you a loving Christmas Season! 
Kindness to Critters Always,
Silly Tilly Girl

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lulu was living her life in a trailer park among many community kitties and a family of raccoons. Her caretaker called Almost Home for help to rescue some of the kittens that had been born into the colony. After arriving at the location, I opened several cans of canned cat food to draw the kitties near to assess the situation.  I noticed a very thin black and white kitty that was trying to eat the food but as she was biting into the food it was falling out of her mouth. She was not able to chew or swallow. She walked away and settled into her bed, an old tire filled with dirt. She was lying in the sun and to my surprise when I tried to get close to her she let me. I was able to get a look at her mouth. I could not believe what I saw. Her gums looked like raw hamburger meat. I knew immediately I would have to take her back to the rescue and get her the medical help she needed. Lulu had most of her teeth removed and became one of the sweetest kitties at the rescue. She also has a very spicy personality but more than anything she loved to crawl onto your chest for loves.

It took us several years to find the perfect home for Lulu. She went home with another wonderful sweetie, named Sweetie! She is a beautiful long haired black Persian princess.  It has been one year since the adoption.  I was so happy to receive a letter from Lulu and Sweetie’s forever home. Carol, her new guardian, said Lulu had to have her few remaining teeth removed and says she is her Velcro kitty. Sweetie took a long time to adjust with baby steps all the way but is now her lover girl. Carol said “In the evening, I sit on the couch to watch TV with Lulu on my chest and Sweetie glued to my side”.  This is such a wonderful happy ending! It makes all our hard work worth it!

Many of you have asked why I haven’t been blogging lately and have asked if I’m okay. The truth is, it has been a tough year. The past few weeks I have had a little set back from the diagnosis I was given several months ago. For those of you that don’t know, I am still recovering from a car accident and the discovery of cancer. So, there may be some weeks that I am not well enough to be able to keep up with the blog and other daily projects. I will be okay, it's just taking time to recover. Please don’t worry about Almost Home. I am blessed with terrific volunteers and Tanessa who is instrumental in the every day operations of Almost Home.  She cares about the kitties and loves all animals as much as I do (or more). Anyway, I will do my best to keep you, our supporters, informed about Almost Home. I am thrilled you are interested in the behind the scenes details of our rescue. I am blessed to be surrounded by such caring, supportive friends, family, volunteers and those of you that love Almost Home!

Several adult kitties have joined the Almost Home population. Alaska is a beautiful Himalayan with bright blue eyes. She was left at the door one morning when we were closed. This happens far to often. I really wish this would never happen. When we are closed it could be hours, even late into the evening before someone goes to the rescue. Alaska was at a huge risk of something terrible happening. Missy, Amber, Starlena, Muffy, Saphee, Cookie, Tyke, Zoey, Brique, Lucy, Snow, Flake, Carmel and Honey are the other newcomers.

Our miracle boy Wyatt is now out of his kitty suite. He is starting to mingle with his new friends. I thought it would be a slow process for him but he is doing quite well! He’s still a little timid with change so we will keep a close eye on him to help him adjust. We want to make sure he is completely healthy, physically and emotionally, before we find his forever home. Wyatt is now ready for visitors so come to the rescue and give him some love!

We had a fun birthday party for Tanessa a couple of Saturday’s ago. After we closed for the day, all the volunteers came to help her celebrate with the kitties. It was a lot of fun. The kitties are so different at night. They were all awake and up running and wrestling instead of napping. They were ready to party too! Thanks everyone for a special night for Tanessa and the kitties too!

Cedar needed to be medicated for a week and boy did he dislike it. He was mad at everyone. But now he is back to his old self and trusting Tanessa again. Eddy and Crash were adopted together. Raj and Howard are teaching the new kittens how to run on the wheel in the kitten room. Snow and Flake were reunited with Honey after being apart for several months. Hang in there Gracie girl (our 24 year old at Almost Home) we all love you so much!

Lucy, an 11 year old tuxedo, is living in the office. She was brought to us after her guardian past away suddenly. Sadly she was separated from her kitty companion of 7 years and is having a hard time adjusting to the community. It was her guardians wish that the two of them stay together. Please try to honor this if ever in this situation. Lucy really needs to know she is loved and needs her forever home. Got room for one more?

This may seem like a long list but as I have said in the past it is extremely important to me to thank each and everyone one of you that helps keep the doors open at Almost Home.  I’m sorry if I have missed any donations. Please know how grateful I am for your help for Almost Home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jacqueline & Robert
Frank& Lyndell

Supplies and/or food donations:

Susan &Nancy
Joe & Bridget
Ed &Sandy
Gregg & Colette
Eric & Diane

PayPal donations:

Blackhawk Acupuncture
Action Computer

Our calendar fundraiser is off to a great start! Thanks again Becky, Sylvia and Deb. These supporters are a few that have the cute calendars in hand:  Jane, Diane, Jeanne, Vicki, Ami, Alice, Erica, Robert, John, Denise, Barbara, M.A., Christine, Dawn, Pat, and Melanie.  We have lots more so come by the rescue and get your copies!

Please remember to reload your King Soopers cards.

It’s a week before Thanksgiving. Life is good….so much to be thankful for!

Kindness to Critters Always,

The "Wigwamy" Persian kittens in foster care.
Wiggy- orange boy
Wammy- silver boy

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Friday a little 5½-week-old kitten was found and brought to Almost Home. The person that brought the kitten said he had been poisoned and the rest of his litter had died. This little one was very lethargic. In fact, he couldn't stand and laid flat with no movement. His eyes were shut. His temperature was only 90.5 and he weighed only 13 ounces. He should have weighed closer to 2 pounds. He was in big trouble. Tanessa started support care, first by trying to warm him up. One of our rescue center veterinarians, Dr. Lisa, was called and came to help determine what had happened to this tiny little guy. It took hours but then his temperature started to rise and he had some signs of movement. He was given fluids, antibiotics and eventually some kitten milk. We weren't sure he would make it through the night. I’m very happy to say that it has been 6 days now and he continues to get better. He is finally eating solid food on his own. His name is Sunny. We still aren't sure if he was poisoned or not but he is another life saved because of the support our rescue center receives from folks like you.

We have so many great supporters. Whether you come to help at the rescue/adoption center or foster, or help with events, or fundraisers, or enter data, or follow us on Facebook and the kitty webcam, or donate supplies, food, litter,or network, or donate monetarily, you are so very important to us.

Most of you that are involved with this organization know we are very particular when it comes to adopting out any of our kitties. Often we will get potential adopters that either want to declaw or let their kitties outside without supervision. Neither of these is in the cat’s best interest and is against our policies.  It is only after these folks are denied the adoption that they have something negative to say about Almost Home. In particular they try to discredit Tanessa or myself. I’m not writing about this to whine but instead I’m hoping this will help continue our mission of educating better animal guardianship.

Oh, I’m not saying it doesn't bother us. It hurts a lot to hear these negative comments. Especially since we know exactly what it took to take care of each and every kitty at Almost Home. Our kitties are here from the streets of Colorado or they are saved from death row at municipal shelters.  We wish these people who are complaining would follow us around for 1 week and foster 1 kitty that came in needing critical care. Watching what the kitties go through and watching what we go through to get our furry friends to an adoptable condition and keep them in this condition is a 24/7 job. I promise you those that really care would change their mind if they walked in our shoes. We want only the best for each and every kitty that depends solely on humans for their care. So we do have the right to deny. It does not matter how much money they have, how big their house is, how many animals they have had in the past that went outside (really? how many lived a long, healthy life?) or how many were declawed with no problems, (really? then let’s cut the human's toes off!). Our adoptions have never been based on how many we can adopt. Our adoptions are based on responsible guardians and loving homes. 

Also, when potential adopters are disappointed that they may have to wait for the adoption process, please understand we have lots of kitties to care for and the care of the kitties always comes first. We limit our adoption counselors to those that have exceptional knowledge of the kitties that are waiting to find a loving home. This definitely helps with the matchmaking. We also know if a kitty needs to go home with a friend. This is the main reason we have a high retention rate. Please be patient. This is potentially a 20-year commitment! We are serious about finding really good homes. Thanks for understanding.

Wyatt update!! After Wyatt’s eye surgery we thought it was best for him to go into foster care.  It was clear he was not adjusting to his surroundings at the rescue. We will try again after a few more weeks of recovery. Wyatt is eating, maintaining his weight and he is getting used to living with his slight disability. We are so proud of him. We love him with all of our hearts. I think he knows he is the “poster kitty" for kitties left in foreclosed homes.

Chris and Eric were able to move all the donated litter from storage to the rescue center and Chris was able to make room in his garage for a large portion that wouldn't fit at the rescue. Thanks guys!

Maggie and Shiloh have caught the cold crud that has been going around. They look like they feel pretty bad but they are getting medicated so they should feel much better real soon. We named the new adult Persian that came in Annie. She got her tangled hair shaved yesterday. It was just too mated to comb out. Tanessa put a nice sweater on her so she doesn't get cold. Surgery day this week went well. Altogether, 9 were spayed and neutered. Erica was able to make a couple copies of our spay/neuter books for us. Thanks Erica!  Cali, Valerie, Bristol, Lorenzo, Sheba, Pumpkin, are a few that went home this week. We're happy Tanessa is feeling better!! We received a message that our volunteer Marge has the flu. Get well soon Marge! The 2014 Almost Home Adoption kitten calendar is here and it is kitten cuteness overload! Get your copy at the rescue/adoption center for a donation of only $20. 

We have some very sad news; we lost an incredibly sweet kitten Monday to severe mega- esophagus.  Gemma may have been born with this horrible condition. It is very rare in cats and can be very painful. Without a doubt, Gemma received much love from her foster mom Candi. Tanessa and I were with her, continuing that love until the end. She is now free of pain and is busy chasing after butterflies :-). Bless this baby, and thank you to all that put forth extra effort to help Gemma.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  -- Winnie the Pooh

Kindness to Critters Always,


Sunny when he came to Almost Home :-(

Sunny today!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wyatt is all settled in to his new home at Almost Home! What a nice welcome party we had for him! Volunteers gave the rescue an extra good cleaning, Sylvia made a really cute poster for us to sign, Robert had the webcam ready, Tanessa brought pizza, a cake was donated and lots of people stopped by the rescue to say hello. Thank you for making this a special day!

Wyatt had his eye surgery Tuesday. I want you all to know we didn't have a choice. The eye was causing him pain and would have continued to be infected. We had his mouth checked while he was under anesthesia and he did have a small cyst removed from the back of his mouth behind his last tooth on the bottom. He really dislikes the cone he has to wear but other than that he is doing well. I told him he is almost done with all his vet visits and we can focus on showering him with love!

I wrote about Starlina and posted a picture of her in a past blog with her damaged eye. She was one of the lucky ones. Medicine and time helped heal her eye. She is back to normal and is taking good care of her kittens.

Kittens, kittens, kittens everywhere! Thank goodness for all of our fosters. Fostering is an amazing labor of love. Most of the fosters work, have families and yet they still find time to help these innocent homeless babies. It is such an important part of the rescue work we do. You are my heroes. I often hear folks say they can’t foster because they would want to keep them all. Well, it is true, you will want to keep all of them. Most of our fosters have failed at least once!

I read this recently and it is so true… "On the fence about fostering? I would rather cry watching them leave our home to live a life of happiness and joy in a loving home than cry because no one stepped up to help them and they died alone, frightened and sad in the kill shelter."  Fostering saves lives! Thank you fosters everywhere!

A big, big Thank You for supporting Almost Home!

Kusta – food
Tina & Sharon
Luke –food
Sherri – food, supplies
Sharon – food, supplies
Marcia & Cash –food, toys
Nancy & Mary –food, supplies, toys, donation
Hank – food, supplies
Katelyn & Chris – toys, bed, food
Nikki  - supplies, toys
Linda & Jean
Jeff, Jen & Lily – food
Dan & Bruce
Action Computer Technology
Blackhawk Acupuncture

Just about every day we get calls regarding found kittens. It is sometimes upsetting where these little ones are found. Like the call we got Tuesday. A kind lady left a message saying she had a load of wood delivered that morning to her home. She planned to use it this winter in her fireplace. A few hours after the delivery she heard the tiny mews of kittens. After searching through the wood pile she made the shocking discovery of itty, bitty kittens, 2 weeks old. We returned her call and of course, we had her bring them immediately to the rescue. One was critical and sadly did not make it through the hour. The other is out of harm's way now recovering from her traumatic experience. I’m bottle feeding every few hours and she has a soft warm bed instead of wood to sleep in.

A mom and 3 kittens were reluctantly surrendered after one of our volunteers noticed the horrible care they were receiving at a filthy house.  She said they were not being fed on a regular basis and when they were it was milk dog biscuits. The adult kitties were eating rats! This is unacceptable! Its easy folks, don’t get animals if you are not prepared to care for them! They are living, breathing creatures from God. We should be good stewards in the care of His creations. They have feelings, they have pain, they have emotions. Almost Home will give these sweeties everything they need and unconditional love.

We also have a new adult kitty. She had been roaming the streets for months.  She is a beautiful black and white flat-faced Persian. We love her already. She is very mated and desperately needs a hair cut. I have a Persian girl and she needs to be groomed almost daily. I tell her that her hair is very pretty but it tangles like cotton candy.  Our new girl will need a home where she will get lots of love, where she will never be let outside on her own, and she will need the daily grooming Persians require. We have some ideas for her name and I will let you know what we decide.

Angola, Topaz, Michone, Maggie (the kitten), and Sophia went to loving homes. Thank you for opening your heart and home to a new furry friend!! We had 14 spay and neuters this week. All are doing fine.

I hope our volunteer, Michelle, had a terrific time on her trip to Africa. I can’t wait to hear about it. It was really good to see Bruce and Dan. I miss those guys! It was also very nice to see Cathy B. on Saturday. Her allergies won’t allow her to volunteer at the rescue but she has offered to help with projects outside the rescue. Thank you Becky for all the cookies you have been bringing in and I’m very sorry to hear about your car. Happy Birthday to my nephew Joshua!  We love and miss you!

The calendar will be here in a week or so. They will be available for a $20 donation and all proceeds will benefit the kitties here at Almost Home. Don’t forget they make nice gifts for your friends and family!

Kindness to Critters Always,


This cutie pie says "Thank you for saving me."

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today we will welcome Wyatt to the rescue!! Please stop by for a visit, we have a cake for us humans (and Paris!) and tuna for our furry friend Wyatt. It will take a few weeks for Wyatt to adjust to his new family at Almost Home. He has been extremely traumatized from his ordeal. He has grown very fond of Tanessa, Vicki and I but he is pretty timid with others. Being at the rescue will allow him to meet lots of new friends and it will allow us to show him lots of love, so one day he feels safe again.

We will continue to update Wyatt’s followers with his progress. He has gained nearly 6 pounds this past month and weighs about 11 pounds now!! His tremors are gone and he is eating normal amounts of food now. We will help him gain more strength with physical therapy several times each week. His eye has not responded to treatment and is going to be removed next week. It is causing him pain or we would not do this. I think other than his eye issue; he will soon be a great kitty for someone to love. Wyatt’s recovery is truly a miracle!

If you are not able to come to the party you can join us on the webcam, click on the Kitten Cam at the top of this page or at at 1:00 pm. See you there!
Ruby had a dental yesterday and had to have several teeth extracted. I think 11!! Hopefully, this will make her feel much better. Thank you Rich, for taking such good care of Ruby. Heather took our FIV+ kitten, Vivian, home so she will get lots more love and attention. Thanks Heather!  Eric picked up the King Soopers donation as he does monthly! Thanks Eric!! Sherry worked very hard on getting some much needed paperwork submitted. Thanks Sherry! 

We had a visit from a gentleman that works for a cat food company and he wants to help us get donations of food from them for Almost Home. This would mean we could feed the kitty’s really good food! Please keep your paws crossed that this will happen!

We had many calls for help this week. There were 3 different community cat situations.  We can trap, neuter and release at 2 locations but at one location animal management is going to trap and kill if someone doesn't help. We are going to try….

Forever homes for more kitties! Shelby, Kirby, Jimmy, Sapphire, Kenya and Azula now have warm laps to curl up in! We had another spay/neuter day and we also had several intakes too.
I love watching the kitten webcam. It is so cute to see how the older kittens teach the younger ones how to run on the wheel. They have quite the playground including the new caterpillar tunnel.
Wishing for a great adoption weekend and wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Kindness to Critters Always,


"Pumpkin" our classic orange tabby that was stuck in a tree!